Share the Road: Warmer Weather Means More Motorcycles

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You have seen them on the roads — motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic. And as the weather heats, up you’ll see more them.

Lorett Kinnicutt-Rogers teaches bike safety at Ride Well Motorcycle Training. She says more than half of motorcycle accidents are caused by cars and trucks who do not see bikers.

“I want the public to start looking twice for us,” said Kinnicutt-Rogers. “We are a little smaller than the normal vehicle on the highways, so we may appear to be further away than we actually are.”

When you see motorcycles sharing a lane with drivers, by California law they are allowed to be there. The reason why is heat.

“If there is heavy traffic and they are sitting in traffic the bike heats up,” said Kinnicutt-Rogers. “It is not meant for someone to go from Sacramento to San Francisco faster than anyone else.”

And while learning to turn corners properly and drive at appropriate speeds can save a bikers life, the greatest life saver lies in the hands of other drivers.

“Just remember that the motorcyclist under that helmet may be your neighbor,” said Kinnicutt-Rogers.

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