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A dozen people were arrested for buying an selling sex along the Watt Avenue corridor during a three-day prostitution bus and cops know the business is already back.

“We do see the same people again and again and again,” Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sergeant Lisa Bowman said. “And certainly, this could be a five day a week operation. This could be a seven day a week operation.”

The Sheriff`s Department ran the operation in response to a steady steam of complaints from legitimate businesses and from people who live in and travel through the area.

“There were a couple females out here in the street arguing over who was the ‘best whore.’ It’s crazy,” American River College student Britney Park said. “They’ll be yelling and screaming and using drugs, leaving their things out in the street. We run in to condoms. We run into all kinds of disgusting  things.”

Park says she sees all of this from the bus stop she uses to get to and from school.

That’s why the Sheriff’s Department isn’t just making arrests, they are making it a point to tell the media who they have arrested. With the money and sex such a powerful incentives to the working women and their Johns, police are hoping shame can be a power deterrent.