Silver Dollar Saloon Owner Keeps Old Charm after Refurbishments

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MARYSVILLE — If you’ve been to Marysville, you’ve probably found yourself a time or two at the Silver Dollar Saloon.

The place is known for their food and historical artifacts on the walls, but it’s not until you go upstairs that you find out what really makes it unique.

“It’s been said that many a weary miner lost his heart and his gold flakes to the women of the Grand Hotel and Silver Dollar Saloon,” Joseph Ferrie said.

Ferrie says his establishment was home to one of the oldest illegal brothels in the United States. It operated from 1858 to the 1970s — much of that time illegally.

“There’s also a sensor on the second stair as you’re coming up from the bottom and it would ding and, as it would ding, the doorman would come over and pop open this little window right here and take a look out,” Ferrie said.

After six months of renovations, Ferrie has revamped the place with a meeting hall and armed forces dedicated room. Ferrie says he is now ready to show everyone a piece of the city’s history.

“I put some love into this stuff that I know I’ve been passionate about for so long,” he said. “It’s very near and dear to me. It makes me feel very good.”

You can visit the Silver Dollar Saloon’s Facebook page here.

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