Ski Goggles that can Make You a Youtube Star

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We’re taking a look at gadgets that can make sports more safe and fun including ski goggles with a HD camera, a device that can help improve your golf swing and more.

Starting with Oakley’s Airwaves goggles. They include a heads up display that gives users the ability to access information like GPS location, music and smartphone alerts.

The Apex HD+ from Liquid Image is another great set of goggles. They have a HD camera and WiFi built in to make sharing videos with friends easy. Put them on and share your favorite moves. The goggles also include a live video streaming feature that can upload directly to your iPad or iPhone.

“Everyone wants to film themselves doing extreme sports these days. YouTube is a huge place to be these days,” said Ryan Griffith of Liquid Image.

When you’re off the slopes, you can perfect your golf swing with the SwingTIP. It clips to your golf club and a sensor sends real time data of your swing directly to your iPhone.

“So you actually get to see your swing from a few different angles,” said Kimberly Devine of Mobiplex Inc. “And you can push that for a quick tip on how to fix it.”

The SwingTIP will analyze your speed, tempo, club path, club face angle, and impact zone.

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