Small Sinkhole Opens Up in Gold River

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Big Four Way in Gold River buckled under the pressure of a Sacramento County Waste Management truck Wednesday.

Workers spent the morning trying to pull the large truck out of the six-foot-wide, one-foot-deep sink hole. A slow leak from a pipe caused sand to wash away from under the road and when the heavy truck drove over it, the road collapsed.

“Yesterday, the owner noticed a small depression in the street. She didn’t think much anything of it because it looked like it was just settling a bit and today, when a truck drove over it, this is what happened,” Golden State Water General Manager Paul Schubert said.

The truck fell into the hole with enough impact to injure the driver. He was taken to the hospital after complaining of back pain.

Neighbors say it’s scary because it could have been worse – a school bus or a family.

Schubert says in his 25 years on the job he has never seen a truck drive into a sink hole, but there are signs to watch out for.

“If you know your water company and you see a depression in the street where there could be water mains, especially if you could be experiencing slightly lower water pressure, if you have a leak, if you notice your water pressure goes down, give the water company a call,” Schubert said. “We will come check it out.”

All those things could be an indicator of an underground water leak, and a bigger problem. Crews were out all day Wednesday digging up the road and replacing the pipes to fix the sinkhole.

If you think you have a sink hole and you are in Sacramento County you can call 1-800-999-4033.

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