Solano County issues LNU burn scar evacuation warning due to high winds


VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) – Solano County issued an evacuation warning due to high winds Tuesday for some areas affected by the LNU Lightning Complex Fire.

Vacaville resident Regina Yin recalls the devastating LNU Lightning Complex fire in 2020 that burned thousands of acres in Solano and Napa counties, destroying hundreds of homes and property.

Among the structures destroyed was one home and a 10,000-square foot building on the sprawling 40 acres of the Yin Ranch off Pleasants Valley Road, an area within the evacuation zone.

“You still have flashback and I can feel for other people. It’s not easy,” Regina Yin said. 

C.C. Yin recalled answering the phone at 2 a.m., ordering them to evacuate their home last year because of the raging fire.

Now they must wait and see what the late-night rain and winds will bring and if they have to evacuate again. This time because of mudslides due to unstable ground caused by last year’s devastating blaze.

“Very serious matter because this ranch, 40 acres, is surrounded by fuel in the west, but two creeks come around,” C.C. Yin explained. “Very large creeks coming down on the left and right side. They wrap around the front when you come in.” 

The Yin family said they learned a lot from having to evacuate at a moment’s notice last year.

“We’re about more ready, to evacuate at a moment’s notice or without notice. That’s why you see the flashlight in my hand anytime,” C.C. Yin said.

They were forced to leave their home for a month and a half until the area was cleaned up and no longer posed a danger.

“Now, we are told it’s dangerous again. We just removed some of the trees. And we were told not to remove the roots, so the roots can hold the slope,” Regina Yin explained. 

And so they can prevent any mudslides or flooding from the creeks.

The Office of Emergency Services is concerned about the rain, especially past midnight into the early morning hours of Wednesday. 

“We’re concerned about flooding, mudslides and debris flows that could block the flow of water, causing flash floods in Solano County and the burn area from the LNU Lightning Complex Fire,” said Don Ryan, Emergency Services Manager for Solano County Sheriff’s Office.

“Trees and the brush burned. The soil, the landslide and the flood is very dangerous,” C.C. Yin told FOX40.

The Yins checked throughout the ranch, including their pets. They say they are hoping for the best.

“Our heart goes out to our neighbors. To our communities, been friends around here too,” C.C. Yin said. 

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