Sonora Community Searches for Source of Mysterious Golf Balls

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SONORA – Golf balls are what some neighbors living in a Sonora neighborhood are seeing popping up in their yards.

One man says his car window was damaged from it.

Now, police and neighbors want to know who’s responsible.

“Found golf balls all through here,” said Tim Nichols.

Nichols holds a golf ball, one of at least two dozen found in his yard over the past few months.

“We just started finding golf balls all through the yard, through the side area and the carport,” he said.

But he’s not alone, Sonora police started investigating suspicious golf balls striking homes and cars back in August of 2018.

“It’s been about 7 months and it’s still going on. We had another vandalism just a few days ago.” Officer Ashley Brandow said.

They say at least eight reports have been filed – with upwards of a dozen homes targeted near Lyons Street.

“Some people reported vandalism the golf ball breaking a window or a house window or a car window,” Brandow said.

“When the renter had his window busted is when we started, we called the police dept, they came out,” Nichols said.

While officer Brandow says it’s still unclear as to where the golf balls are coming from, these neighbors are hoping for answers – before more damage is done.

“There’s not any close golf courses that I know of at this point it’s unclear if someone is hitting it from somewhere,” Brandow said.

“A 10-cent golf ball isn’t worth the hundreds of dollars of damage you’re doing to people’s houses, just stop,” Nichols said.

Police are asking anyone who may have any information or who may know the person responsible – to contact police.


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