Stephon Clark’s Fiancée, Mother of His Children Speaks Out Following DA’s Announcement

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SACRAMENTO — The mother of Stephon Clark’s children gave an emotional plea to reporters Saturday night.

She is asking for legislative change and prayers.

“It’s about the officers who murdered him. Murdered him because he had a cell phone in his hand,” said Salena Manni. “Now he’ll never come back to us.”

Trying to hold it together, Clark’s fiancée, reacted to the district attorney’s announcement.

“Today the district attorney announced that the officer who shot and killed my fiancé won’t face any charges,” Manni said.

News that Manni says she was blindsided by.

The district attorney’s presentation Saturday afternoon detailed Manni’s relationship with Clark, referencing instances of alleged domestic violence by Clark.

The report also explained a domestic dispute days before the shooting, showing text messages sent between the two.

“We want DA Schubert to know, you have victimized this woman. You have victimized Salena again,” said Rev. Shane Harris, President of The People’s Alliance for Justice.

Activists argue the text messages should not have been included the presentation.

“The fact that she put forth text messages from two days ago. I would have loved to have seen the text messages from the officers who did the shooting,” said NAACP President Betty Williams.

Now calling for legislative change, The People’s Alliance for Justice says it plans to work on a new bill with lawmakers.

Though there isn’t a draft yet, activists say they plan to name the new bill after Clark.

They want the attorney general to decide whether or not to press criminal charges after officer-involved shootings, rather than the district attorney.

“Please don’t stop advocating for legislation and policies that could prevent families from experiencing this overwhelming pain and immense sense of loss. And please continue to keep my family in your prayers,” Manni stated.

Activist also had a message for protesters, saying they encourage everyone to exercise their first amendment rights but to do so peacefully.


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