Stockton City Manager Candidate Withdraws Name from Consideration

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Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva said Wednesday that the city’s top candidate for the city manager’s job has decided to remove himself for consideration. Silva leaked his hiring, but the city council couldn’t reach an employment deal in a closed door session Tuesday night before adjourning.

The news that the city would have to look further for another candidate came the next day, after what Silva categorized as eleventh-hour negotiations.

Silva said the city lost an excellent candidate that would have changed the image of city hall and help bring businesses and jobs to Stockton.

But others thought he was a bad fit because he had been let go by two other cities — once for having an inappropriate relationship with an employee, and once for supposedly using a work computer to log on to websites featuring scantily clad women.

Garcia is on the record denying both accusations saying internal politics contributed to his leaving those jobs.

Silva said he never took those allegations seriously and doubted that Garcia knew of the criticism he was getting in Stockton.

“Stockton, being a bankrupt city, we didn’t have as much to offer as some other cities … But, basically it was give and take on both sides, and we just weren’t there,” said Silva.

Silva said he would seek a special closed door meeting of the city council to see if they will start the process over again or if there would be another nomination from existing candidates. There were 63 applications that were narrowed down to six, then two last Saturday when Silva was authorized to make an offer to Garcia.


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