Stockton Family Celebrates Young Man’s Life on Anniversary of His Killing

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STOCKTON — Ruben Chairez Cisneros will forever be 18 years old.

The loving son and recent high school graduate was robbed and fatally shot in Stockton’s Weston Ranch neighborhood on April 8, 2018.

Now, a year later, his family is still mourning but says they want to celebrate his life.

“As a happy kid, you know, he was no gang banger, he wasn’t out there causing trouble,” Sergio Chairez, Ruben’s father, told FOX40. “He just wanted to have fun and enjoy his youth.”

In the year since his son’s death, Chairez says both a little and a lot has changed.

“A lot, in forms of missing him and him not being around us and a little as in time goes slow sometimes,” he said. “He’s our angel now and we’re here to celebrate today.”

Ruben’s family planned a vigil for Monday, the anniversary of his death, to celebrate his life.

“Having a good day for him in his memory and bring the family together and friends,” Raul Ortega, Ruben’s uncle, told FOX40.

Police in Stockton believe Ruben was killed by 21-year-old Joseph Henderson and 21-year-old Antwaune Burrise.

Chairez says he knew about the men from the start but doesn’t harbor any hate toward them.

“I’m not what’s called mad at them,” he said. “It’s more like … they didn’t know better.”


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