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STOCKTON — Thick black smoke clouded the air as warehouses with businesses inside burned to the ground in Stockton Sunday morning.

“This is my job this is what I support my family in,” said Adlid Alcazar, whose auto body shop burned down.

Flames barreled through four buildings on East Oak Street in the biggest fire the Stockton Fire Department has dealt with so far this year.

The Stockton Fire Department said the fire started in one building, but the wind spread it. Thirty firefighters rushed to put the flames out.

“I don’t know what the dollar amount is going to be, but definitely a total loss,” said Fire Chief Erik Newman.

The cause of the fire isn’t known, but arson is possible. Arson investigators were on scene interviewing witnesses.

“Due to the significant amount of damage the fire did we’re not closing the door on it at this time,” Newman said.

The department said no one was injured by the massive flames, but some still feel the pain of being out of work.

“This is what I do, now I have nothing to do,” Alcazar said.

Dan McManus owns the destroyed property. He said the buildings were old but went through inspections. McManus has insurance but doesn’t know if he’ll rebuild.

“After the dust settles we’ll have to figure out what we’re going to do,” he said.