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Tragedy in a Stockton slough. The Stockton Police Department said two bodies were found inside a car submerged in the water on Wednesday morning just west of I-5 near Spanos Park.

The White Slough is known to Stockton fishermen as a quiet place to retreat, but on Wednesday morning a grisly discovery was made — a flipped car submerged in the water, along with a man and woman.

“That’s quite unusual,” Justin Thomas, a Stockton fishermen said.

Thomas told FOX40 he usually fishes around the slough, and when we told him about the bodies that were found, his concern grew.

“Was kind of uncomfortable, I need to make a few phone calls and make sure family and friends are OK,” he said.

Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department said the first fishermen of the day noticed the car in the water and called 911.

“The fire department’s water rescue team went into the water and saw that there were two deceased bodies inside the vehicle,” Silva said.

Silva hasn’t been able to release much on the victims, but he said speed may have been a factor in this incident.

“And right now it appears the vehicle was traveling eastbound on the levee and at some point veered towards the water and actually rolled into the water,” Silva said.

Investigators added they don’t know how long the car was in the water, but they don’t think the bodies were there long.

“Pretty certain that it wasn’t in the water for days. Probably last night because the first boat that drove by this morning saw the submerged vehicle,” Silva said.

As the car was removed from the water, some clues as to who the car belonged to were revealed.

The vehicle was a gray Mercury Milan with a disabled license plate.

FOX40 shared photos with Thomas who did not recognize the car, but the tragedy still shocks him.

“It’s kind of scary,” Thomas said.

Investigators have not released who was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. Police did say that both victims were 28 years old.