Stockton Police Department Investigating Homicide Near Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Boulevard

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STOCKTON -- A crashed car riddled with bullets, a lost life and for the fourth time in four days - Stockton police marking where bullet casings fell and searching for the gunman who took fatal aim.

Around 4 p.m. Wednesday the Stockton Police Department responded to a homicide near the El Dorado Street and Dr. M.L.K. Jr. Boulevard intersection.

"I was just sitting right here in my car and I heard gunshots and there was uhhhh...a car right there."

One restaurant employee  on South El Dorado Street didn't want to reveal her face or name as she recounted the frightening events that unfolded right down the street from Eddie's Pizza.

"So when the car went... I'm guessing it was a green light...the car started going and the person in the car must not have been able to he kind of..well not kind of...they hit the car in front of them," she said.

Police say the wounded man behind the wheel crashed into a parked car at a muffler shop on South before falling out of his driver's side door and dying in the street.

Amazingly his passenger wasn't injured.

While some right across from the shooting scene say they didn't capture any of the incident with their own eyes or those of a surveillance system and police say they still don't know if the shooter was walking or driving, the clerk FOX40 talked to did see something else.

"Uh yeah...someone drove off," she said, remembering hearing tires screech away right after the gunshots.

Relatives of the man killed stood for hours just outside of the police perimeter, hugging and crying.

They declined comment about the shooting.

Those who live nearby were speaking up, outraged by the recent uptick in city violence.

"I have 10-year-old twins and an 8-year-old, a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. Can't walk them to the's dangerous," Lanesha Thomas exclaimed.

"Right now this is very alarming and concerning to us here in the police department. You have another daytime shooting's that turned into a homicide...right in a busy intersection," said Officer Joseph Silva with the Stockton police department.

"Our detectives are trying to look at all these different homicides. Right now they don't appear to be related. They're occurring in different parts of the city....but really concerning they're happening in daytime time hours...that's when you could see additional people become victims and that's what we don't want."

When crime surges many point fingers at their local police department, but Lanesha Thomas feels the city's effort isn't the problem in her hometown, a lack of personal responsibility is.

"I feel the city is doing all they can do, but the city ain't got control over adults actions on these streets. I don't think it's the city's problem. Adults need to man up and do what adults need to do," Thomas said.

At this time, authorities have no suspect or motive information.

This is the 23rd homicide Stockton has seen this year.

Stay with FOX40 for updates on this story. 


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