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Police are looking for a man caught on surveillance video stealing the camera that recorded his image. The camera is one of several mounted on the building of the Stockton Accelerated Institute of Learning, which is affiliated with the Alfa Omega Ministries church.

“He was actually seen on camera doing it,” said Anthony Bleha, a school administrator.

The suspect is seen walking on the sidewalk, and then moments later he climbs up the side of the building to the camera and takes it off its mount.

The camera shows him wearing a solid-colored shirt in one shot and a plaid shirt in another view. He is seen again, stolen camera in hand, making his getaway in what appears to be a solid shirt.

Stockton police say video evidence is a huge help in solving cases.

“We immediately get tips coming in because people are fed up because that could have been their store, that could’ve been their church, that could have been their house,” said Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva.

Despite the theft of the camera, school officials don’t regret putting them up a few months ago.

The reason the school got the cameras is because the church the school is affiliated with was repeatedly robbed of gardening equipment. Those thieves were arrested on Thursday thanks to those cameras.

And this video is already yielding results.

The suspect was spotted near the school a few days later.

Police will be looking at video from the Jack in the Box to get a closeup of the suspect at the counter.

The school says the cameras have already helped police in other investigations along the street.

They say one way or another, a replacement camera will be installed.

“It’s a huge hindrance to pay for, but it’s worth it in the long run especially for the Stockton Police Department,” Bleha said.