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STOCKTON — In a parked car, down a dead end road, overlooking a slough in Stockton — this is where police say they found a family of five that had been missing for six days.

The problem is, they’re a family of seven. Their twin toddlers, Setina and Ren, are nowhere to be found.

“These parents are being uncooperative and giving us conflicting statements,” Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said.

The parents are 41-year-old Aaron Weddles and 32-year-old Princess Canez Walker, and their statements about the twins whereabouts have been so different, police say, they have no clue where to look for them.

“We want to retrace their steps,” Jones said.

Right now, they’re sitting in the San Joaquin County Jail on child endangerment charges. They chose not to speak to FOX40 on Wednesday night. Their other three children are now with Child Protective Services.

“There may be someone who saw them out there yesterday,” Jones said. “There may be someone who saw them out there…” early Saturday morning.

“Princess. I shook her hand when she walked off,” said Laura Salazar.

That’s when security guard Laura Salazar said she saw both parents in their white Suzuki.

She says she had a bizarre interaction with them at a Stockton In-N-Out two days after they were reported missing.

“Like he was trying to hide his face. Like, paranoid, she was saying people are evil, and people do evil things,” Salazar said.

She says Princess told her she had been living in her car, that her boyfriend was mad at her and made her go eat outside.

“When I walked to the car to see if everything was OK, I didn’t see no kids,” Salazar said.

She says if she had seen kids in the car, she would have called police immediately.

“It broke my heart when I read the post, because I could have done something, you know,” she said.

Because it was clear to her that Princess was troubled.

“We certainly hope that no foul play was involved,” Jones said.

But the person last known to see the couple before they were found, her gut tells her those toddlers are in grave danger.

“It’s hard to feel that, but with a heavy heart, I don’t know if they’re gonna make it. I hope my guts are wrong, I really do,” Salazar said.