Stockton Studying if City Hall Renovation Plan is Feasible

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STOCKTON — Stockton’s historic City Hall may be transformed into housing units.

The city is now in a 180-day period with Cort Companies to see if the plan is feasible.

Cracked paint, a run-down roof and other significant problems have plagued Stockton’s 93-year-old City Hall for years.

“We all have the same goal in mind, which is to save this beautiful building,” city Councilwoman Christina Fugazi said.

But a newly agreed-upon plan between the city of Stockton and Cort Companies could mean a facelift for the historic building.

“The plan is to reutilize it and to really bring it up to the next level,” Cort Companies CEO Dan Cort said.

Cort’s renderings of an updated and renovated City Hall shows a building with kiosks and food in the middle of a lively downtown.

“We have no intention of doing anything but improving City Hall,” Cort said.

Fugazi says her constituents have been concerned that the civic structure will be demolished. She says that’s not in the cards.

“I am happy that we at least have somebody who is willing to preserve this beautiful building,” Fugazi said.

If Cort’s plans do move forward, the City Hall that is known today will be renovated — but the three buildings across from City Hall will be no more.

Cort says the boarded up, graffitied and degenerating annex buildings may be transformed into an 80-unit apartment complex.

“And the last thing you want to do is put a big padlock around the front door and leave it,” Cort said.

Fugazi says the project will only move forward only if it can be done.

“We have not sold City Hall,” Fugazi said. “We are merely in the negotiation process to see if the project is feasible.”


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