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STOCKTON — A Stockton father is in jail after a Friday night crash that killed his two-year-old son.

Stockton police say the car came to rest in the intersection of Wilson Way and Hazelton but they say 28-year-old William Tabke first made contact with a fence on the other side of a nearby  overpass.

Residents in this area say they are very sad to hear that a two-year-old lost his life because this is something they say was easily preventable.

The mangled fence just past the intersection of Anderson Street and Wilson Way shows the beginning of the deadly crash that put Tabke in jail.

Police say he was driving under the influence a little after 8 p.m. when his car struck a pole.

His young son was rushed to the hospital where he later died and his  4-year-old daughter was also in the car but was not hurt.

“Both small children were in their car seats but what we’ve learned during this investigation is during the collision, an object went through the front windshield that struck the two year old child causing the severe injuries,” said Joe Silva, Stockton Police Department.

Residents told FOX40 they heard Tabke’s truck crash into the chain link fence and then watched him swerve back into the street, drive under the overpass and collide with the pole.

They said it was sad to hear a young boy died because of his father’s mistake.

“This is just another sad reminder of what happens if you do get behind that wheel. Now you have a father in jail, a mother who responded to the scene and took custody of the four-year-old child, and now that whole family is grieving the loss of the two-year-old,” Silva said. “This is something that was preventable if that father had just made the right decision last night.”

Tabke has been booked on felony DUI and child endangerment. His being held in San Joaquin County Jail on $1.15 million bail.