Stockton Weighs Plans to Improve Public Safety

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The teamsters back Mayor Anthony Silva running the city — even if it means imposing a half-cent sales tax.

And the majority at Tuesday’s council meeting also back Sliva.

“I would really appreciate all of the people getting together and getting behind this new tax initiative, that is absolutely by the people and for the people,” one woman told the council from the podium, during public comment. “Mayor Silva, our family supports your half a cent tax for the security of this city and the citizens.”

But, people also see a new mayor fighting residual of an old council.

“People here from the old regime, building a wall so you can’t more forward?” one man said.

“You outta be able to get along with one another. If it was within my power, as a minister, I would make you all stand up and hug each other,” another man noted.

Former Councilman Dale Fritchen called old members out for bullying on the council.

“I was on this council before. And I was a victim of some of these behaviors as described right here. And those of you who were on this council when I was on, you know what I’m talking about. You know what goes on behind closed doors,” Fritchen said from the podium.

The mayor said he is willing to do what it takes to move the city forward.

No decision was made that night.


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