Stockton Woman’s Doorbell Camera Shows Man Setting Fire in Front of Neighbor’s Home

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STOCKTON — On Wednesday morning, an alert from a Ring doorbell alerted a Stockton mother to a strange man on a bike outside her home.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, said what she saw next terrified her.

The man started a fire outside her neighbor’s door before biking away.

“He has a torch in his hand and just lights something on fire and he put it up against her wall,” she said.

She says she was at work but quickly jumped into action as she watched the flames burn just steps away from where her mother and son were sleeping inside.

“I called my mom and I told her I said look there’s a fire outside you need to put it out,” she explained.

Her mother, then doused the small fire with a bowl of water.

Stockton Police confirm in the incident report the man had set some paper on fire.

But, just 22 minutes later she gets another alert — the man had returned.

“He comes back and he’s mad. He sees water on the ground and the fire is out and he comes to my camera and he’s trying to take it off the wall,” she said.

This time, she tells him to go away and he finally leaves.

The woman said she recognizes the man from the neighborhood and doesn’t know why he would be targeting her neighbor.

“He’s never said anything to me. I mean he gotten into with my neighbor a couple times and this was years ago. It was nothing for him to want to burn her house down,” she said.

Stockton Police told FOX40 officers attempted to speak to the man in the video but couldn’t find him.


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