Stockton’s Police Chief Revisits Deadly Bank Robbery

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The day was July 16
th of 2014, a trip to the bank turned into a heist and deadly police pursuit.

Three men accused of holding up a bank and taking hostages lead police on an hour long police chase through Stockton.

In the end suspects Gilbert Renteria and Alex Martinez were dead, along with hostage Misty Holt-Singh.
Jaime Ramos, another suspect lived and his hit with more than 30 charges including murder.
“Fourteen patrol cars were struck by gunfire and I don’t know how an officer or a citizen wasn’t struck,” said Stockton’s Police Chief Eric Jones.
Chief Jones sat down with FOX40, he says that day was unprecedented for the department and his career.
At 2:11PM on July 16th, a 911 call was made from inside The Bank of the West. One officer responded with no backup, a picture surfaced taken at the right time, showing one of the suspects peeking their head out the door of the bank. The responding officer had another suspect on the ground at gunpoint.

Tia Ewing: “Why not stop them before they got in the car?”
Chief Jones: “Well so understand there are split second decisions at the scene being made every second of the pursuit.”
The next 67 minutes would draw national attention for Chief Jones’ department. An army of police officers in pursuit of an SUV with three innocent hostages inside.
A witness told us in an interview shortly after the crime spree, he saw police get out of their cars and start firing at the SUV once it was stopped.
Tia Ewing: “I know there’s no dash-cam video, you don’t have dash-cameras. You don’t have body cameras.  Is that something you are looking at as a department for the future?
Chief Jones: “We had prior to this incident already been researching body cameras. I see a lot of advantages of having those.”

In the end, only two hostages and one suspect would live.

Misty Holt-Singh, a wife and mother; a customer at the bank would lose her life. Misty’s family now left, with only memories.

Tia Ewing: “Do you have any regrets about the day of the Bank of the West robbery and deadly pursuit?” Chief Jones: “None that I have other than the loss of Misty. That’s obviously a regret I have, if that could have been prevented I don’t know.”

Meanwhile California’s Department of Justice is investigating to see whose gun is responsible for shooting and killy Misty Holt-Singh. All officers who were on administrative leave are back on the job. Stockton Police continue to search for the fourth suspect who dropped off the alleged robbers.


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