Stylist Says Client Stole $500 from Wallet, Later Returns It

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STOCKTON —  Stylist Jessica Macias says a new client walked into Stockton’s Avenue Salon Wednesday afternoon, but couldn’t shake a strange feeling.

“I had this weird, gut instinct and I was thinking in my head like, ‘I hope she doesn’t go through my purse,'” Macias said.

Macias dyed the woman’s hair and as she waited for the color to set, she says she wanted to buy something to drink.

“I just like looked in my wallet and I kinda like said to myself like, ‘WTF,'” she told FOX40.

Five hundred dollars were stolen from her wallet in a cupboard had vanished, stolen right from under her nose.

Macias demanded to look inside the woman’s purse and says wads of cash she recognized as her own were inside.

“And (she) tried to fake cry and says she doesn’t know what she was thinking, that she’s sorry and she’s going through things,” Macias said.

The exchange grew into a screaming match. One of Macias’ coworkers took photos of the woman while another called 911.

“It was pretty scary there for a second. I didn’t know if someone was going to get hit,” coworker Amanda Cortez said. “There was a lot of screaming going on.”

Macias is then seen on camera yelling at the woman to leave. The women say they saw her run down a street and into a home, but her escape was short-lived. Officers found the woman in the neighborhood rinsing out her hair.

Macias says she got her money back, along with payment for the hairstyle — plus tip.

She says she decided not to press charges against the woman.

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