Suspect Hits Multiple People at Beard Brook Park in Modesto

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MODESTO – A scary scene for people at Modesto park Monday night.

Many saw a driver mow down four people before crashing into a pole and nearby fence.

It was a chaotic scene for people at Beard Brook Park.

“Somebody got ran over down here and the crowd was screaming,” said Johnny Valdez

Valdez was staying in his tent near Morton Boulevard when he saw a car circling around the park at a high rate of speed.

“He was doing brodie’s, showing off, he took off, he was running when he came back through he was trying to run over people,” Valdez said.

Modesto police say just before 10 p.m. they received a call saying a driver ran into several people around the park.

“When we arrived, we found that three people had been hit by the vehicle in the parking lot, and one person had been hit on the street outside of Beard Brook Park,” said Sharon Bear with Modesto Police.

“He swerved to hit me and right here at the pole I was side swiped,” Valdez added.

Just a few feet from the park, officers found 29-year old Israel Bazan near his four-door black sedan.

They say he appeared to be under the influence.

Witnesses say bystanders restrained Bazan until police arrived.

“They were trying to go get him and drag him out of the car. They were beating him, they had him pinned down right here in the grass,” said Richard Myers.

Myers says he tried to stop Bazan as he drove back and forth through the park, but says it appears the suspect was targeting a specific group.

“By the time everyone was trying to find him he had already been around the whole lap,” Myers said.

One man, identified by his mother as 21- year old Joey Loveday, is still recovering in the hospital from a broken leg.

Police say the three others hit by Bazan are expected to be OK.

“We hope them a speedy recovery,” Myers said.

At this time, Bazan is said to still be in the hospital.

He currently faces felony hit and run and attempted murder charges.

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