Sutter Medical Center Sees Baby Boom Among Nurses

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SACRAMENTO — Sleeping bundles of joy and baby bumps are common in the labor and delivery unit at Sutter Medical Center.

Most days, the nurses there are tasked with helping new mothers deliver and care for their babies.

Fourteen nurses have either become new moms or will be by the end of the year.

“When you work in labor and delivery, you love babies and you see a lot of babies and you have a lot of babies,” nurse Audrey Eden said.

Nurse Chelsey Namanny welcomed baby Fox into the world in February. She was one of the first of her colleagues to become a new mom.

“I think at that point it was just a few of us that were pregnant. Then it just kept coming and coming and coming,” Namanny said. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what are they going to do when all of us are gone?'”

They say having their coworkers by their side, going through the same thing as them, is the best kind of support system.

“It’s so much fun being able to go through it with someone you know. I mean, you get to talk about your symptoms,” Eden said.

Eden had baby Eloise at Sutter. Her friends and coworkers were her nurses.

“We don’t just deliver, obviously, other people’s babies,” she said. “We deliver ours.”

Due Sept. 17, nurse Jessica Baden was number 14 to get pregnant.

“I am the last in the group for now,” Baden told FOX40.

If the trend is any indication of what’s to come, Baden says she has a feeling she won’t be the last of her coworkers to become a new mom in 2019.

“It’s not usual that it stays that way for long,” she said. “Not usual that September is the last.”

All of the nurses plan to deliver their babies at Sutter.

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