TBD Fest Launches in West Sac

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If you hear something different on the banks of the Sacramento River this weekend, some would say it’s the sound of the future.

They believe it’s the future of the festival named TBD – as in ‘The Bridge District’ – and for that riverfront district itself.

“I’m from West Sacramento and it’s really cool having an event here. Usually not a lot actually goes on here. It’s usually in Sacramento or the Bay…so it’s nice to see something here,” said Lauren Breen.

And that’s definitely part of the point for a concept that grew out of a one-day hotel party focused on creative expression.

At TBD fest there’s art you can hang, art you can wear and art you can eat like the Grange’s ‘zabuton flaco.’

The background to it all?

The art you can hear and feel in your bones – some more than others.

“Yeah I came for the music. [I’m] looking forward to seeing Gramatik,” said Ari Sarkar.

The last two years have seen this event expand from one to two days in the space of one Sacramento city block.

Now it’s four acres and three days.

“As we started to develop relationships and  learn about the bookings, we thought there’s only one way to go from here…let’s go bigger,” said creator Clay Nutting.

Bigger’s brought a few bumps.

“There’s some… like teething pains going on in the set-up. Everything’s organized and planned but we are new to what this is. We’re all doing it for the first time,” Ridgeway.

“Uhhhh…I like Alex Adam but he was like the first person.  We didn’t get to see him cuz they let us in really late. They didn’t let us in for 45 minutes.  Gates were supposed to open at 3 p.m. and they didn’t let us in till 3:45…and then I like missed my favorite person so I was a little disappointed by that,” said Breen.

FOX40 heard from folks who say they got desperate calls to come volunteer at TBD for opening day Friday.

With at least 8,000 folks expected to attend over the weekend, organizers would only say putting everything together for this party is always a big job.

“It’s just always all hands on deck,” Nutting said.

As far as festival safety, West Sacramento police on site late Friday night said there had been no problems.

The few guests who had to visit the medical tent weren’t dehydrated, officers say they’d had a little too much to drink.

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