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Cell phone video captures the tense moments just after the crash as fire fighters try to pry the 7th grade boy from underneath the front end of the SUV that hit him.

“She basically was just mowing him down,” said Marlene Youell, a witness.

The crash happened in Youell’s front yard, and happened with enough force that the wrecked SUV left a deep gouge in a tree there. But witnesses say that the SUV had been chasing the boy from around the corner, and gaining on him.

“We don’t know if its intentional at this time or not. We are investigating that,” said CHP Officer Chad Hertzell.

More than one neighbor told FOX40 that the 17-year-old driver said she meant to do it after her car had been hit by a water bottle thrown by the boy, or his brother.

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It’s unclear too whether that water bottle was thrown intentionally.

“She must have snapped,” Youell said.

The boy was conscious and speaking to rescuers as they tried to pull him from under the wrecked SUV. He will likely recover from his injuries.

The 17-year-old girl has been arrested, as police try to figure out that charges she’ll face.

“He was screaming. I heard before she mowed him down, I heard him yelling ‘stop. stop. Stop,’” Youell said.

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