Teen Recounts House Fire that Killed Two People

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Skyla Rivera is only 14, but early Sunday morning she had the bravery of an adult as she awoke to her neighbor’s home on fire.

“She was yelling, ‘help help help,'” said Skyla Rivera.

Rivera grabbed her father and ran towards the cry for help.

“She started saying whatever you do get us out,” said Rivera.

When they got close to the house, flames prevented them from being able to do much.

“She was like half way out her window and we tried to like carry her out, but there were like flames all around her window and it was hard to even get close to it. She couldn’t get herself out because of how old she was,” said Rivera.

She also dialed 911.

“I started hearing their sirens and I told the lady just try to hold on a little bit longer,” said Rivera.

Rivera also realized there was someone else trapped inside.

“She kept saying get us out. I assumed she was with her husband, but he wasn’t yelling, he wasn’t making any noise. It turns out he was in the hall,” said Rivera.

Rivera said that just before firefighters arrived, all the noises in the house stopped.

“Barking making these loud yelping noises stopped, so I thought they died. Then the lady stopped yelling and just stood there,” said Rivera.

The fire is still under investigation. Metro Fire confirmed two people died in the fire — along with four dogs, three cats and several birds. Several more animals were outside the house in cages — those survived. The family rescued birds.

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