Teens on Bayside Trip to Mexico Enjoy Giving

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Bayside Church is down in Mexico serving the locals there, but the teens that went are also being impacted by what they’re doing.

You could call it a case of when you park it, they will come.

Bayside Church mission groups were parked for less than a few minutes in one Mexicali neighborhood. But it was long enough for a stampede of people to surround their vehicles.

“I have so much, and to come out here to kids who have nothing, and they’re so happy about little things like socks. We have like a bajillion socks at home, it’s just cool,” said high school student Cole Boid.

From clothing to food to bibles, the group gave everything they could — even prayer for Basti Cortes-Lopez.

“I just recently lost family members. A sister-in-law and a nephew, and going through that has been hard, so having you guys pray with me brings a lot of joy to my heart,” Cortes-Lopez said.

It’s the simple giving of time that makes these local kids run every day to greet the mission teams.

“They always want to be around us. They want to spend time with us. We’re like Christmas for them,” said student Josh Sapienza.

Sapienza doesn’t have to speak the same language to know how much fun the kids are having.

“Especially when you see where they’re living in these shacks and these huts, when you can make them smile and you can make them just laugh, it’s the most amazing thing in the world,” he said.

That could be the reason leaving is so hard.

“This is my fourth year doing this, and it hurts every time I leave, I mean, because you make bonds with these kids, and it’s really hard to break those bonds.”

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