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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Cemeteries can represent a place of resting, of mourning, of remembrance, a place of history and sometimes a scary place. Here are 13 of the Sacramento area’s oldest cemeteries.

13) Roseville

The first recorded burial at the now Roseville District Cemetery would be Rachel E. Berry who died on Nov. 13, 1861 at the age of 37. The cemetery is located at 421 Berry St, Roseville, CA, 95678

12) Dixon

Tremont Cemetery dates its oldest burial to Aug. 17, 1861. Levi Reid died on that day at the age of 24. The cemetery is located at 8290 Tremont Road, Dixon, CA, 95620.

11) Lincoln

Manzanita Cemetery Memorials is the oldest cemetery in Placer County and several generations of local families can be found here. The oldest recorded burial at the cemetery is Male Wyman who died in 1855. The cemetery is on Manzanita Road, Lincoln, CA, 95648.

10) Galt

Galt Cemetery also known as Galt-Arno Cemetery has its first burial recorded as 5-year-old George McCauley in 1853. The cemetery is located at 14180 Joy Dr, Galt, CA, 95632.

9) Vacaville

The Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery’s oldest burials are six Native Americans that died of typhoid fever in 1852 on Arculus Hawkins ranch. The cemetery is located at 522 Elmira Rd, Vacaville, CA, 95687.

8) Winters

Siblings T. Allen and E.B. Allen mark the first burials in the Winters Cemetery Memorial. T Allen died Sep. 6, 1850 at the age of 6 and E.B. Allen died at the age of 5 on Sep. 12, 1850. The cemetery is located at 415 Cemetery St, Winters, CA, 95694.

7) Manteca

Born in 1789, John O Murphy died at the age of 60 in 1850 and is buried in the East Union Cemetery in Manteca. Murphy’s grave is marked by a weathered wooden headstone and a stone marker. East Union is located at 1035 North Union Rd, Manteca, CA, 95336.

6) Placerville

Before dying in May 1849, Ziba Peterson was the first sheriff of Dry Diggins, also known as Hangtown and Placerville today. In 1849, Peterson hung three men after their trial for larceny and killing a man. Peterson is buried at the Old Placerville City Cemetery located at 3033 Rector St., Placerville, CA, 95667.

5) Georgetown

Georgetown’s Pioneer Cemetery is like many pioneer cemeteries throughout the foothills, but it does house a notable person in California history.

Aquilla W Glover traveled to California in 1846 where he stopped at Sutter’s Fort in the winter of 1846-1847.

Learning the fate of the Donner Party, Glover was a part of the first rescue party during that winter to journey to Donner Lake and helped rescue members of the party.

He would then journey with his family to San Francisco in the spring of 1847 and help organize the first Methodist church in San Francisco.

Upon his return to the mines of Coloma and Georgetown, he would die on Nov. 18, 1849.

The cemetery can be found at 6264 Georgetown Road, Georgetown, CA, 95634.

4) Stockton

The first burial at the Stockton Rural Cemetery is of Charles Keith Hyde on Nov. 4, 1849 at the age of 30. The cemetery is located at 2350 Cemetery Lane, Stockton, CA, 95294.

3) Sheridan

After being born on Aug. 19, 1843 in Jackson, Iowa, 1-year-old Mary Woodworth would become the first person buried in the Sheridan Cemetery on Oct. 7, 1844.

2) Linden

Henry H. Turner died Jan. 22, 1822 and was buried in the Linden Cemetery located at 5090 Cady Lane, Linden, CA, 95236.

1) Sacramento

Daughter Manear died on July 7, 1814 and was buried in the Sacramento City Cemetery located at 1000 Broadway, Sacramento, CA, 95818.