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Three months after a violent bank robbery and chase, resulting in the death of a hostage, Stockton Police say an outside agency is investigating everything from the robbery to police response.

The family of Misty Holt-Singh has questions about why 10 bullets fired by police at the suspect car hit and killed the mother of two.

“That is excessive and unreasonable force” Sigh family attorney Greg Bentley said. “There is no other way to describe it.  You do not riddle a vehicle with 600 shots when there is other tactical measures that can be taken.”

FOX40 sat down with Stockton’s Police Chief Eric Jones.

We asked him if there was any wrongdoing here, Jones told us he can’t answer that until an investigation is complete.

The investigation that is underway, Chief Jones says, will be done  by an outside agency he commissioned two weeks ago called the National Police Foundation.

“They will do a very thorough investigation of everything,” Jones said. “We will leave no stones unturned.”

Former Stockton Police Sergeant Jim Osborne says there were few ways out of this situation.

“My question would be what did the officers know when it started?” Osborne said. “Could they see her? Did they know if she was alive or dead?”

Chief Jones believes the officers did know she was in that car during the chase as they fired back at police.

What he doesn’t know is if those 10 shots that hit Misty came from the same gun or from 10 different officers.

Was she killed by one bullet in the beginning of the chase? Was her lifeless body used as a shield?

“It’s very common in law enforcement for there to be opinions and second guesses, we understand that,” Jones told FOX40. “We also understand the family wants answers. That is exactly why we are commissioning the review to find out all of those answers.”