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Police analysis from 2012 reveals the intersection at Folsom Boulevard and Howe Avenue has more collisions than any other intersection in Sacramento, averaging about 30 a year.

The city tells FOX40 that 77,000 cars come through this particular  intersection everyday, part of the reason the collision rate is higher than other intersections.

“Just on sheer numbers, the collision rate is going to be higher. But, it doesn’t mean it’s more dangerous” Doug Morse with the Sacramento Police Department told FOX40.

The city tells us red light cameras installed in 2003 reduced collision rates by about 20 percent.

Below is a list of Sacramento’s most dangerous intersections:

Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road, Meadowview Road and 24th Street, Franklin Boulevard and Fruitridge Road, Cosumnes River Boulevard and Bruceville Road, Mack Road and Valley High Drive, Elder Creek Road and Stockton Boulevard, 12th Street and B Street, Franklin Boulevard and Mack Road and the intersection of Folsom Boulevard and Howe Avenue.