The Perfect Super Bowl TV

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Super Bowl Sunday is an exciting time for football and a great time to supersize your TV.

Sales for TVs spike the week before the big game beating out other major sale days like Black Friday.  Prices are down 10 percent this year, which means great deals for fans.

“[Customers] want the bigger screens,” said Tom Campbell, corporate director of Video & Audio Center. “The life-like experience and low cost.”

Whether it’s a long term investment on a top-of-the-line set or an economical investment on a mid-level unit, make sure to ask the right questions before making the purchase.

Start with picture quality.

“Get up close and make sure you’re seeing a live picture,” said Tom Campbell, corporate director of Video & Audio Center.  “You want to see a local station live. Then, take a look at the Blu-ray, they’ll show you a demo with DVD. Compare each one to make sure it’s the picture you want.”

But, TVs are much more than just going HD. Make sure the design works in the room the TV will be in.

“[E]dge to edge picture, not that big ugly black bezel or those big monolithic speakers,” said Campbell. “[Customers] want something that’s thin, that’s sleek, that looks like a piece of art on the wall.”

And finally, before signing on the dotted line, make sure there’s a dependable return policy.

“You want total complete satisfaction because it’s never the same environment as in the stores,” said Campbell.  “Make sure there’s no restocking fee, make sure that for whatever reason they’ll take it back, exchange, refund your money.”

There are plenty of great deals out there before the big game. Find a TV that works for you and enjoy the big game.

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