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The International Medical Corps tells FOX40 fear about the Ebola virus seems to have caused a decreased number of medical professionals reaching out to volunteer abroad.

“The International Medical Board had people that have reached out to us, wanting to volunteer, but not nearly, not a fraction of the numbers that we’ve seen in previous emergencies. There’s been a lot of fear with Ebola. It’s definitely more difficult to recruit around this emergency,” said Head of Global Initiatives with International Medical Corps, Margaret Aguirre.

Medical professionals from across the country and right here in Sacramento are currently headed to Sierra Leone to help stop the spread of Ebola.

“It seems like we are more fearful than they are. Because they worry about what they’re going to eat more than the fear of catching Ebola,” said Friends in Jesus International Church Pastor Tim Wulah.

Wulah’s church has been collecting food, medical supplies and clothing to donate to families in Ebola threatened parts of Africa. He says he prays for all of the volunteers going abroad.

“I thank God for them. They are brave. Those are the people that should be given the highest esteem. For me, there’s no way I would go. I’m not brave enough,” Wulah said.

Two of Wulah’s parishioners are going to Sierra Leone, to hand deliver medical supplies to villagers.

“We are hoping from our efforts, a lot of lives will be saved,” Wulah said.

Aguirre is hoping for the same. She says the International Medical Corps currently has 20 volunteers dedicated to Sierra Leone. they soon hope to have 250 committing to a 6 month stay fighting Ebola.

“They learn how to wear equipment…how to be careful of fluids, how to dispose of bodies, because the fatality rate is so high. Proper disposal is absolutely critical,” said Aguirre.