CALIFORNIA, (KTXL) — Hammerhead worms and Jumping worms are two worms that are not native to California and can cause damage to gardens and forested areas, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

According to Fish and Wildlife, the Hammerhead Worm (Bipaliam kewense) are native to Southeast Asia and thrive in hot climates. Their main food source is earthworms and their mucus coating is irritating to humans.

People are advised to wash their hands with hot soapy water, rinse hands in alcohol and use disinfectant if they do come in contact with the Hammerhead worm.

Jumping worms (Amynthas argstis) have the appearance of an earthworm but they have been known to leap out of bait buckets, according to Fish and Wildlife.

Their main food source is any organic material and they can be found in leaf litter and topsoil. Their excretion of pellets lead to poor soil structure that can kill plants.

Do not cut these worms in half to try and kill them because the two halves will create two more worms, according to Fish and Wildlife.