Total Upset

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Two acts are going home tonight and it’s too bad we can’t just kick off the hosts.  Am I right?  These guys are rough!  However, I have to give Khole props…she is genuinely sweet to the contestants.

The show began with a recap and right away Paige was out.  I admit I liked her, but she didn’t have the pipes to win this thing.

Then the bomb dropped and I’m not talking about Josh from last year, he was fine.  When Mario said Cece was safe, I about fell out of my chair.  This has to be a “vote for the worst” situation.  There is no way you could convince me that Cece can sing better then anyone else on that stage.  This is a 5 million dollar prize and she doesn’t deserve to be there any longer.

Now it comes down to Vino and Diamond, both of them are better singers and deserve to there.  However, I did predict that they were in trouble.  They really sang their hearts out…this was tough for the judges.

Sadly Vino is going home…way before his time!  I’m not happy about this one, but at least I can go watch Glee now.

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