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TRACY — With voters headed to the polls in just four days, it’s garden-variety mud that’s being slung in many a race.  Some say in Tracy, it’s worse.

“This particular post was incredibly hateful. it was really demeaning toward the LGBT community,” said Tracy city council candidate, Dan Arriola.

If you live in Tracy, Arriola wants to be your next city councilman.

But the folks behind the blog post on the apparently now defunct don’t want that to happen, and when their page was online, seemed perfectly willing to suggest their — assumption of Arriola’s sexuality — is a good reason for voters to make another choice.

The blog post featured a picture of the candidate next to a sign for Los Angeles’ Gay Pride Parade, asking ‘how will Arriola protect Tracy’s family values if he keeps hiding who he really is?’.

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“We need to set the standard today for how this entire community moves forward. and we can’t tolerate these things today because they’ll just continue. So, we need to stand up and show that we’re only going to do things correctly; that we’re going to have integrity and that we’re going to move forward and not do such despicable things,” Arriola stated.

Friday night, the San Joaquin Pride Center rallied against hate and in support of the deputy district attorney at city hall.

The Tracy Police Officer’s Association also stood up against what members see as hate-filled fear mongering, posting the following words to Facebook:

“The Tracy POA is utterly disgusted with this immoral and unethical attack on an individual because of their sexual or perceived sexual orientation.  The Tracy POA stands side by side with Dan Arriola for Tracy City Council and will continue to support him in his bid for a seat on the Tracy City Council.”

Back in August, the Tracy POA also backed Police Chief Larry Esquivel when he was fired without much explanation.

Two people who back Esquivel – city Councilwomen Nancy Young and Rhodesia Ransom – were also just targeted by the blog that targeted Arriola.