Transcendence Yoga Festival Dismantled by Police

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The Transcendence Yoga Festival was dismantled by police over the weekend because of fire code and permit violations.

“The intention was for the event to go until Monday morning,” James Kapicka, co-organizer of the Transcendence Festival, told FOX40. “But it did not.”

The festival was supposed to run in Sacramento’s Camp Pollock all weekend.

What exactly is Transcendence, you ask?

“Yoga and Art and dancing and all of these things to really integrate the community of wellness in celebration of life,” Kapicka said.

And for a few hours at least of the celebration happened- happened in a space minutes away from downtown Sacramento.

Then the cops came.

A spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department said they didn’t have time to go on camera and talk with us about the Transcendence Festival. They did say that 700 to 800 people were ordered to disperse because of multiple fire code violations, and because they didn’t have an entertainment permit.

But Kapicka and his team say they had all of the permits before the gates to Transcendence Festival ever opened.

“I think anytime you try to do something that isn’t happening all the time – these events never happen in Sacramento – there’s going to be people who question it. Because people are intimidated by change,” Kapicka said.

No citations were issued. Both the police and the Transcenders say the festival broke up peacefully.

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