SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento District Attorney’s Office announced on Friday that they will be seeking the death penalty for 52-year-old Troy Davis, who was the suspect charged with the killing of Mary “Kate” Tibbitts, 61, in September 2021, according to the DA’s office.

Tibbitts and her two dogs were found dead in her Land Park home along 11th Avenue which had also been lit on fire, according to a previous FOX40 report.

Davis is facing charges for murder, burglary and sexual assault.

“When you have violent felons walking around and nobody knows about it, any time, any place, something awful can happen. And unfortunately, that’s what happened to this poor woman,” Kristina Rogers, vice president of the Land Park Community said in a previous FOX40 report.

Davis was arrested as a suspect in Tibbitt’s killing on Sep. 5, 2021, and was on parole for previous offenses, a previous FOX40 report said.

According to the Land Park Community Association in September 2021, Davis was captured on video knocking on people’s doors in the Land Park neighborhood and committing sexual acts.

Davis is set to return to court in August.