TURLOCK, Calif. (KTXL) — The Turlock Police Department arrived to the 2300 block of Lander Avenue on Friday after getting a call of an Amazon driver attacking a woman near her front door, according to police.

Police said when they arrived to the home at 11:31 a.m., they found two men restraining Ryan Lee Crisp, 22, of Modesto.

Police said that Crisp was immediately placed in handcuffs.

Following interviews with the victim police said that Crisp entered the woman’s home uninvited and commented on her attractive appearance.

According to police, the woman then screamed for help from her husband who then, with the help of the woman, pushed Crisp out of the home and shut the front door.

While the woman called police from inside the home, her husband searched for Crisp, according to police.

Crisp was then spotted hoping a fence into the families backyard by the husbands co-worker as he was already waiting outside the home.

Police said that the two men located Crisp back inside the home, after Crisp had broken a window to gain entry into the home. The two men then restrained Crisp until police arrived.

Crisp was wearing an Amazon uniform and driving an Amazon delivery truck, but was found by police to work for Soon Express, a third-party delivery company partnered with Amazon.

It was later discovered by police that Crisp was not at the residence to deliver a package.

Crisp is facing charges for attempted rape, burglary and vandalism, according to police.