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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento police are searching for the shooters who killed a 16-year-old boy and wounded a 20-year-old man in Oak Park Friday around midnight.

Around midnight, 16-year-old Timothy Jeter and the adult were found with multiple gunshot wounds. One victim was found on Broadway; the other victim was found on 40th Street.

“It scared me out of my sleep, I heard like five or six gunshots,” said nearby resident Felicia Wallace.

When police arrived on scene, the older victim was found unresponsive. Police used CPR to revive him.

“The police was talking to him, trying to keep him alive. Make sure he wasn’t going to die or nothing,” said neighbor Derrick Woods.

Both victims were transported to UC Davis Medical Center where Jeter died from his injuries.

At this time, police believe there were multiple shooters because two different casings were found at the scene. There is no other suspect information.

Schoolmates at American Legion High School, where police vehicles were seen arriving at the parking lot, say Jeter was a student there.