Universities line up to recruit Stockton high school football player after his 1st game


STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Despite it being his first high school football season, a senior at Edison High School in Stockton is the most talked about player this season. 

Devan Thompkins has colleges lined up to meet with him and several have already offered him a scholarship. 

“The first thing they want to know is, is he really that tall. Yes, he’s really that tall. He’s every bit of 6 foot, 6,” Edison head coach Booker Guyton said. “He’s passing all the tests. He’s not afraid, he’s not scared, he’s just a talent. He’s just a freak of nature.” 

Thompkins is as hot of a commodity as you’ll find on the college football recruitment trail.

“Arizona offered first. Utah, Missouri has offered, Michigan State, University of Washington. He’s got the University of Oregon. USC has put an offer out,” Guyton said. 

The whirlwind started last month after Edison’s first game. It was Thompkins’ first game too at the high school level.

He was so dominant that the phone calls started to pour in when he posted the recruitment tape online two days after the game. 

“It happened that fast. It was a shock that … for a kid that hasn’t played football and who has only played one high school game, and the next thing you know he’s the top lineman in Northern California,” Guyton said. “The tape don’t lie. Eye in the sky don’t lie: That’s our motto.”

That one game has probably forever changed Thompkins’ life. 

“Not probably, it definitely did. When I look at it, I just wish I would have played a long time ago,” Thompkins said. 

The 17-year-old gave up football back in sixth grade and started concentrating on basketball. But the Thompkins are a football family, so he decided to give it one more shot. 

“Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun though. It’s not what I expected at all. It’s just different from Pop Warner. Pop Warner I wasn’t having a lot of fun, but high school is a lot of fun. Like people told me it was going to be like this and I thank them for that,” Thompkins said. 

“You’ve got an opportunity to have your education paid for. It’s going to open so many doors for you, and the sky’s the limit after that,” Guyton said. 

The hype around Thompkins will continue until the season ends in November, and sometime in December, he is hoping to nail down which university he will play for next year.

“Everyone believed in me. It was me not believing in me at first. That’s my whole thing in not doing it. So, when others push me to do something they know I can do it, so I’m going to believe in them. So I did it,” Thompkins said. 

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