(KTXL) — From the Sacramento Valley to South Lake Tahoe, temperatures are forecasted to reach below freezing overnight lows on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service Sacramento Station.

In the valley, temperatures are predicted to be between 27 degrees and 37 degrees, with Sacramento forecasted to see a low of 31 degrees and Stockton to see a low of 32 degrees.

The foothills will be slightly warmer than the valley with overnight lows between 28 degrees and 38 degrees. Grass Valley is forecasted to see temperatures as low as 32 degrees and Sonora could see temperatures as low as 34 degrees.

The mountains could see temperatures between 5 degrees and 35 degrees. South Lake Tahoe is forecasted to be at the lower end of those temperatures with a forecasted overnight low of 8 degrees.

The NWS recommends that people keep pets warm, check on vulnerable neighbors, cover up or bring in plants and cover exposed pipes.