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ELK GROVE — Crews were in the area of Elk Grove Boulevard and Laguna Springs Drive early Wednesday morning working to repair a water main break.

County officials estimate 2.5 million gallons of water flowed out into this street when the water main exploded around 1 a.m.

Lanes were reduced in every direction on those streets and commuters are down to one lane on westbound Elk Grove Boulevard.

Rushing water covering the streets, shopping centers and neighborhoods in a thick layer of mud — even causing flooding in some places.

The water main break occurred on the northwest corner of the intersection. Crews say they will have to dig up the roadway in order to make repairs.

“A lot of water is going through it and it’s pressurized, so when a pipe like that bursts, you’re going to have a lot of water coming out and that’s why we have damage to the roadway,” explained Matt Robinson with Sacramento County.

At this time it is unclear what caused the main to break but officials say it is not uncommon for the ground to shift this time of year causing pipes to break.

Water was shut off at a nearby strip mall but the main break did not affect water supply to residents in the area.

Crews also worked to determine if the water main break will cause a sinkhole in the area.

“Along the side of the road near the sidewalk, the water rose — actually caused the street to raise up,” Robinson said.

Most businesses and homes in the area were not damaged– but Marsh’s Carpet wasn’t so lucky.

“I was heading to our other store up on Highway 50 and I’m thinking ‘Well, we should be high enough, we should be alright.’ And got a phone call about an hour later saying ‘You’re not alright. You’re under water.’,”said owner Jeff Marsh.

Marsh  opened the door of his business to find all of his carpets soaked.

“I mean there’s standing water in the corners over here. I mean, we’ve got 2-3,000 yards of carpet in here and it’s gone,” Marsh explained.

He says he’ll have to close his Elk Grove store for weeks.

“I’m hoping probably 2 weeks, 3 weeks. I don’t know because they’re going to have to get a restoration crew in here and check for mold and everything else. So it’s definitely going to hurt,” Marsh said.

As Marsh starts the process to dry out his business, construction crews are working to replace the broken pipe.