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SACRAMENTO — A nonprofit based in Oak Park has unveiled its $200,000 renovation project. Wellspring Women’s Center acts as a sanctuary for women and children. They are excited to share their new kitchen with the community they serve.

“Wellspring’s kitchen before this renovation was an ancient kitchen. It had old appliances, old counter tops. So this renovation has completely updated and overhauled a very outdated kitchen,” said Genelle Smith, executive director of Wellspring.

Smith said when the women saw the kitchen for the first time on Tuesday, they were touched that it had happened for them.

“When I walked through the door they said ‘Come on in. What can we help you with?’ And it means a lot,” said Lakisha Cook and Aaliyah Jones, clients of the women’s center.

The leaders of the center said they really just wanted a place where the women can connect.

Leadership Sacramento was so inspired by Wellspring’s mission, they raised more than $226,000 so the center could build a new kitchen and continue to serve the area.

“And they also, you could tell, were feeling that warmth and the generosity that was here for them, and their community that showed up, and that they’re not forgotten,” Smith said.

Wellspring does not rely on large government grants, so private donations are vital. If you’d like to help the Wellspring Women’s Center you can donate here.