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ROCKLIN — A high school teacher was arrested on the job for being drunk.

“It’s hard to see as a parent or police officer,” Lt. Scott Horrillo of the Rocklin Police Department said.

At around 1:40 p.m. Tuesday, police said a Whitney High School administrator noticed something different about 11th grade Language Arts Teacher, Erica Canup.

After a quick conversation in the school office, investigators said the signs were clear – she was drunk.

“She was walking sort of clumsily, slurring speeches, red eyes, watery eyes, kind of a totality of all of her physical symptoms,” Lt. Horillo said.

That afternoon, the 27-year-old was arrested, and taken to Placer County Jail.
She was charged with two misdemeanors — willfully causing pain or suffering to a child, and disorderly conduct, by way of public intoxication.

Coincidentally this comes at a time when the school and the police department are preparing for Every 15 Minutes — a two-day drunk-driving demonstration.

It is a graphic, mock simulation held at the school every other year, to teach students about sobriety.
Students and parents said they were very disappointed about the arrest.

“We try our best to instill through education these ideas of taking care of your body, doing things that are safe, not taking risky actions like drinking and driving, or even drinking when we’re younger. So it is something that is hard to understand,” Lt. Horrillo said.

Rocklin Unified School District says this is Canup’s fourth year at the district.
Rocklin Unified School District, Communications and Community Engagement Officer, Diana Capra sent Fox 40 this statement:

“On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, a Whitney High School teacher was placed on leave. As with any personnel matter, the District cannot comment on the details of the incident. This was an isolated incident. Our students’ safety is always a priority. No students at the school were involved.”

Canup was released from Placer County jail Wednesday.