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As recently as 12 days ago, Senator Leland Yee was brokering a firearms deal with an undercover FBI agent and a close associate, Keith Jackson, according to a federal indictment.

The indictment reveals details behind his arrest, and several raids across the region Wednesday at Yee’s State Capitol offices and in the Bay Area.

READ the whole criminal document, list of charges

At times, they discussed how they would “break up cash” from gun and drug deals into “legitimate campaign donations” for Yee’s current run for Secretary of State.

“Leland Yee was never seen as a shadowy figure. So it’s so shocking, because it’s not someone who had that sort of reputation,” said Gary Dietrich, FOX40’s political analyst.

Also shocking, allegations that since March of 2011, Yee has been running with Chinese organized crime group CTK, the Chee Kung Tong, and its leader, known as “Shrimp Boy”.

They’re accused of taking cash to pay down $70,000 worth of old campaign debt for Yee’s failed run for mayor of San Francisco.

VIDEO: Agents Leave Senator’s Office with Evidence

One alleged associate of Yee’s  talked about him promising this being a “good year for medical marijuana legislation” based on the favors he was promising on Yee’s behalf for donations.

Another alleged transaction, mentions promise of contracts for a client of an undercover FBI agent; contracts with the California Department of Public Health.

Yee, now the third California Democrat indicted in the last few months for public corruption and misuse of office, is making it tough on his party’s agenda.

Their absence in the legislature means the State Democrats no longer have a super majority; meaning they won’t be able to push through measures and amendments that would require a two-thirds majority.
Yee’s also taking his knocks from an old adversary – Rush Limbaugh.

Yee attacked the talk-show host back in 2011 for mocking the Chinese Premier, and Wednesday, Rush took the opportunity to go on the attack.

On his radio broadcast, Limbaugh called Yee out for pointing fingers while doing the kind of things that he’s “never dreamed of”.

READ the whole criminal document, list of charges

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