PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — The Oak Fire had many of the ingredients for what could have been a very costly disaster: flames surrounding homes, spreading quickly through dry vegetation on steep slopes, while afternoon temperatures soared into the upper 90s.

“My neighbor called me and said, ‘Hey, you better get out of there.’ And then all the sudden the phone started going off. Beep beep beep. Emergency evacuation. And we grabbed some stuff and got out of there,” Tim Demenagos, evacuee, said.

Demenagos points out there was just one ingredient missing.

“Thank God, there was no wind,” Demenagos said.

“Everything is seasoned to burn,” CAL FIRE Battalion Chief Ryan Woessner said.

Woessner described for FOX40 how crews were able to quickly overcome some challenges on this firefight in Colfax.

“Access was a big issue for us. Once we got aircraft up, they gave us a good route in,” Woessner said. “We went heavy on the aircraft. We had five fixed and five rotary wings within 20 minutes of the fire being dispatched.”

Crews on the ground also mounted an aggressive attack; some hiked into the woods to face flames head-on while dozers cut containment lines. The chief calls this an aggressive initial attack involving multiple agencies.

“They were there like right now. And there were planes and helicopters in the sky. It was unbelievable. They did a real good job,” Woessner said. “Look what happened in paradise. That’s what worries me.”

The fire spread to 20 acres. Some greenhouses were destroyed. CAL FIRE was still doing damage assessment at sundown, but forward progress of the fire was stopped.

And Woessner said, to his knowledge, no homes burned.

According to CAL FIRE, the incident started as a commercial vehicle fire.

Jacque Porter contributed to this report.