MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — There is currently zero containment on the Oak Fire, which has burned more than 14,000 acres.

Chris Ford, her husband, and his 80-year-old father got in their truck and took off from their home on Triangle Road with what they had on. No packing. No extra clothes.

The fire ravaged right through Triangle Road and the surrounding areas, leaving much devastation.

“Everything around us burned,” Chris Ford, a Triangle Road resident said. “Everything. We’re fine. 100 percent fine. And your house is still standing? Our house is still standing. Others were not. All around us.

Kelly Edwards of Ponderosa Basin, filled up gas containers, so he would be ready if his area gets evacuated. He already moved his cats to safety at a nearby elementary school.

“Hard to leave them,” Kelly Edwards said, “Ten years old, and then the rest are younger. They’re all part of the family.”

Off Highway 140 along Triangle Road, hand crews worked on fire lines, making sure the flames didn’t cross over.

Five fire crews are arriving from Los Angeles County. One fire crew came about five hours ago from Manteca, but with a 24 hour shift, they said it is a long day ahead.

“This fire is burning on multiple fronts right now,” Battalion Chief Jon Heggie said. “This is one of the more active … over my shoulder there’s a lot of available fuel. What we’re seeing is all that fuel being consumed by the fire. The good thing is right now, the inversion is keeping the fire activity somewhat low.But as soon as that inversion layer lifts, the sunshine comes out, then you’re gonna see this activity over my shoulder, start to really pick up.”

Chief Heggie said in the hours ahead and going into the night, crews will continue to create and fortify control lines, removing fuel from the fire’s path.