(FOX40.COM) — A recent study by CoreLogic found that the Sacramento Metro Area ranks as the nation’s fourth highest risk area for wildfires when it comes to the number of homes at risk and reconstruction cost value.

The metro area covers Sacramento County, Placer County, Nevada County and Yolo County.

The study looked at 14 western states and found that California, Colorado and Texas ranked amongst the three highest states for the amount of homes either at moderate or high-risk levels of wildfire damage.

The breakdown found that California has a total of 1.27 million homes at-risk with an estimated reconstruction cost of $760.8 billion; Colorado had a total of 332,716 homes at-risk and an estimated reconstruction cost of $140.9 billion and Texas has 233,434 homes at risk with an estimated reconstruction cost of $85.5 billion.

CoreLogic further broke down their findings and found that all five California metropolitan areas rank in the top five in the western United States for the amount of homes at risk and reconstruction cost value.

The Sacramento-Roseville-Folsom Metro Area was ranked as the metro area with the fourth greatest wildfire risk to homes as more than 102,000 homes are at moderate to high-risk levels.

The estimated cost of reconstruction for those homes lost in the Sacramento area would be $60 billion or about $500,000 per home.

That total is about $10 billion more than state reconstruction cost totals of Oregon and Arizona combined, even though those two states have about 47,000 more at-risk homes.

According to CoreLogic, the continued inflation of reconstruction materials has caused an inflated overall cost of wildfires.

There has been an estimated 33.5% increase in reconstruction costs over the last five years in California, according to CoreLogic.

The City of Sacramento does not have any recent history of major wildfires, but Sacramento County has seen some major wildfires in recent decades.

The 2017 Latrobe Fire burned 1,268 acres of the Deer Creek Hills Nature Preserve in Rancho Murieta.

The fire mainly burned in wildland space and no structures were seriously threatened by the fire.

Neighboring Placer, Nevada and El Dorado counties have a history of large and devastating wildfires.

The Mosquito Fire burned 76,000 in Placer and El Dorado counties in 2022 and the Caldor Fire in 2021 burned over 221,000 acres in El Dorado, Amador and Alpine counties.

The Caldor Fire destroyed 1,005 residential and commercial structures. The Mosquito Fire destroyed more than 60 buildings and homes.