Winds create hazardous conditions but help clear sky for Caldor Fire firefighters

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KIRKWOOD, Calif. (KTXL) — Windy conditions in the Kirkwood area, although dangerous, have helped provide some good for those with homes there. 

Cal Fire Public Information Officer Kevin Brown explains why it’s good and bad news in the firefight. 

“On a day like today, we have a little bit higher winds, it clears out the skies so it allows aircraft to work. The flip-side is that it brings in fresh oxygen to the fire; it helps fan those flames and pushes them to move faster,” Brown said. “So, while we are appreciative to have the aircraft up in the air on a blue sky day like today, it does also encourage the fire to move fast hence the need for that aircraft.” 

Hand crews on Tuesday cleared out trees and branches outside of the Kirkwood Inn, just east of the main entrance to Kirkwood Resort. 

On Wednesday, firefighters from Kirkwood and Southern California were in the same spot. Winds continued to push flames into the Kirkwood area to the northeast. A plume of smoke could be seen, appearing to be getting further away from the area. 

For now, the ski portion of Kirkwood is out of harm’s way, as are the homes. 

Cal Fire told FOX40 the hope was to get through the day, with the goal of attacking the flames once winds die down. 

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