BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — With the help of three Caltrans District employees, a woman and her four dogs were saved after their vehicle went down an embankment along State Route 32 on Nov. 3.

Tina Milberger and her four dogs were traveling on State Route 32 at around 11:30 p.m. when she lost control of the vehicle and went over the edge of the road after overturning.

Hanging upside down and unable to get out of the vehicle Milberger was stranded in the wrecked vehicle until two Caltrans maintenance workers from Chester discovered her vehicle.

Vic Baccala and Chuck Braswell were plowing snow nearby when they saw Milberger’s vehicle tracks. The two men shined a light down the embankment and Milberger began honking her horn.

Emergency personnel were called and Milberger and three of her dogs were lifted out of the vehicle.

However, one of Milberger’s dogs was still missing and Chester maintenance employee Shannon Kenyon decided he was going to try and find the missing dog before the next storm came in.

After visiting the crash site for several days while calling the dog’s name and coming up with nothing, Kenyon was doubtful of finding the dog.

Giving it one last try, on Nov. 5 Kenyon called the dog’s name and saw a flash of red in the forest below. Remembering that the dog was said to be wearing a red collar Kenyon felt positive that it was the dog.

Kenyon found that the dog’s back legs were injured and sat with the dog until it trusted him enough to carry it up the hill.